It’s almost the end of August. My how time flies … whether you’re having fun or not! So here are a few random thoughts on this Sunday afternoon of August …

1. I’ve had a guitar in my possession for about 2 years. I still don’t know how to play it. A few weeks ago, a friend showed me three chords and told me to practice 15 minutes a day. I eagerly sat down and practiced. And the next day, I practiced again. And the third day … I stopped practicing. No wonder I still haven’t learned how to play!

2. I do not like the heat and have decided once and for all that I’m a wimp. When it’s 100 degrees outside, I have conversations with myself that go like this … “Self, would you like to go on a bike ride right after work during the hottest part of the day when you’re going to be absolutely miserable?” “No, thank you,” I reply.  BUT … I have certainly enjoyed some beautiful Saturday morning rides lately (and even a couple late evening ones)! And I have decided I’d rather face cars than the joggers on the bike trail! Last time I rode the trail on a Saturday morning I almost crashed twice, and I decided that there should be a separate trail for joggers, runners, walkers, daydreamers, moms and their strollers, etc. But until they create another bike trail, just because I want one, I’d much rather face large pieces of machinery and narrow, winding roads! Besides, I’d miss seeing the llamas and horses and goats and cool little spots like this:

Wish I could’ve stopped for a good cup of coffee!

3. Over the last month or so, I began listening to some sermons by a guy named Tim Chaddick. He’s the pastor at Reality LA, and I have been super blessed by his teaching of the Word. This sermon on prayer was so amazing, I think you all should go listen to it right now. Ready? Go! (btw, if my pastor had an hour+ to preach, he’d be so stinking excited!)

4. I did something today that I haven’t done in a very, very long time. I went through some Italian vocab!!! And boy am I rusty. It’s amazing how much you can learn and forget … and forget that you learned. The reason I busted out my Italian vocab cards (I feel like I’m back in Greek) and my Italian lesson book (and I just realized I think I let someone borrow one of my Italian books … hmmmm, I should check on that!) … but back to my exciting announcement … Lord willing, I’m going to Italy in October! I’m so excited about this and just praying that it works out. 🙂

5. I am longing for fall to come!! I just want to bake and be warm and cozy and drink hot beverages. I passed a pumpkin patch on my ride yesterday, and it made me even more excited for fall … the fall weather helped too.

6.  “Holiness is beholding and reflecting the character of God.” – Tim Chaddick




I had an awesome last 2 days at the Equip Conference. The preaching was powerful; heard about the Gospel transforming worshipers of self to worshipers of God and how Jesus is the Shepherd and His sheep hear His voice and follow Him. The fellowship was sweet. The music was lovely. Making new friends was encouraging.

Thought for today from Tony Sanelli’s message:

 “Imitation does not make sons; sonship makes imitators.” – Martin Luther

I know, I know … 2 posts in one week? Who am I and where has the real Hannah gone? This is more like a 2 second commercial really. So don’t get too worried.

Kevin DeYoung has recently (like … in the last year and a half to two years) become one of my favorite preachers/authors/bloggers. I was first introduced to him through listening to the sermons from the Next Conference (which is this weekend! that means there will be more awesome sermons to listen to shortly!). A message that really impacted me from a few years ago was called “Just Do Something,” which is also the title of DeYoung’s book I’m reading. Amazing! Go buy it … now. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. Consider buying an extra copy for a friend, too (I may or may not have recently purchased 4. Yes, it’s that good). Although I haven’t followed his blog real religiously, I’m always blessed, challenged, encouraged and provoked to thought when I do. Such was the case yesterday. I’d encourage you to read this – Thinking Theologically about Memorial Day. Like he says, it might rub some of you the wrong way. But I believe his points are all valid and more importantly founded in Scripture.

Speaking of Memorial Day … I’m about to drive home. And.I.cannot.wait. 🙂 Tonight, I will see these guys!

Listened to a sermon tonight on the unpardonable sin from Mark 3 (yep, trying to figure that out and get down to the bottom of what I believe). This message was recommended to me by a friend/co-worker who attends Grace Baptist Church. Was struck by this from the end of the message …

“God cares about our view of Jesus Christ. He cares deeply that we view Him as Lord and Master, and that the Lordship of Christ that we claim in our lives not be seen just as duty and obligation, but it grows into a position of a great excitement and delight as we come to understand that what Jesus Christ asks of us is always best for us. God cares about how we submit to Him. God cares about the way our lives testify to the fact that Jesus is Lord.”

“We are here for one reason and that is to magnify the glory of the God who has sent Jesus Christ to be our Savior.”

– David Hegg, “The Unpardonable Sin” – 9 May 2010

So, once again, I haven’t been too faithful at blogging. So I figured, why not give a totally random post, in which nothing really relates? Here are some things that have been occupying my time as of late …


As a kid … all the way until college … I LoVeD to read. I always took a book (or more) with me … everywhere I went! Then I went to college … all I did was read … and I didn’t always enjoy it … and I didn’t read for pleasure. Since graduating from college, my high and lofty goals of reading have fallen a little flat. But over the past year, I’ve picked up my tradition of getting myself nice and sleepy by reading right before falling asleep. Normally, I make it through a few pages and my eyes start to close. That’s not to say the books I’ve read haven’t been enjoyable! I was on a Jane Austen kick. I read some modern books that look at a couple of the stories from the men’s perspectives – quite interesting! There’s a trilogy on Pride and Prejudice (middle book – really weird. 1st & 3rd – so good.) The one like this on Emma was really good (I hate the actual book, Emma. In fact, I tried to read it again and made it about 30 pages into it before I said, “Oh yeah, I remember why I hate this book!”). Then I read Sense and Sensibility, which was wonderful. I’ve now moved onto a different classic … Jane Eyre, which I absolutely love! Remember what I said about reading a few pages and getting too tired to continue … not the case here! I keep having to make myself stop so I go to bed! *sigh*


So I don’t know that this is the best way to make this announcement but … I’ve “officially” switched churches. After several years at Grace Community Church, which I absolutely love and am so thankful for, I have moved on. I will always be grateful for Grace. The Lord used the teaching of many great men there, especially Rick Holland, to grow me and mature me in so many ways! I’m now at Church of the Canyons, which I’m loving. I was desirous of a small, local church … and that I have. I’ve gotten involved in children’s ministry, which has been so fun! 5 year olds say the funniest things! : ) Next month we have VBS, which I am SoOoOo excited about! I used to love serving in VBS at the church I grew up in, but because of schedules and such, I haven’t helped at VBS in years.


Audio is now available for the Next 2010 Conference, which was held in Baltimore, MD over Memorial Day weekend. Months ago, I wanted to go to this conference, but it wasn’t working out with my schedule or finances. So thankful that I can listen to the sermons from men like CJ Mahaney, Kevin DeYoung, DA Carson and more! I downloaded all 7 messages tonight. You can listen here!


That stands for Children’s Hunger Fund, and it is the minstry at which I get to work! I love my job, which I have been at for 3 months today (just realized that)! This ministry is so amazing … Jesus Christ is central, the Gospel is proclaimed, the local church is equipped, people’s needs are met … what more could you ask for?!


What more could be done than thou has done!

Thy death is my life,

thy resurrection my peace,

thy ascension my hope,

thy prayers my comfort.

– from The Valley of Vision, “Resurrection”

On March 15th, I start a new job at Children’s Hunger Fund. I am really excited about this opportunity that the Lord has provided for me! As I finish out my time here at Grace to You, I’ve realized there are a few things I’ll miss … and a few things I won’t.

I will miss listening to sermons on my iPod while I open the mail. Yesterday, I listened to the Resolved 2007 Panel Discussion which included John MacArthur, CJ Mahaney, and Steve Lawson, with Rick Holland asking these great men questions. It was fabulous and I highly recommend it (even if you just listen to the first few minutes to hear CJ and Dr. Lawson laughing, haha). But what I can’t highly recommend enough is this sermon: “A Passion for God’s Supremacy and Compassion for Man’s Soul” by John Piper (it’s the last one on the R:2007 page). One of the best sermons on missions, God’s glory, evangelism, worship … basically everything, haha. Go listen to it … now.

What I won’t miss … answering 140 phones calls in one day (that was Wednesday). Today, I answered over 85 calls just in the morning. Oh boy am I tired! (That’s a lot!)

There are lots of other things I will miss and not miss … But I’ll just share those 2 for now.

The other day I was talking with my friend ab0ut the Next Conference. If you’re interested in seeing what the conference is about, you can check out this link. As a result of this conversation, I went on the Next website to check out some sermons from last year’s conference. I listened to this message, and so should you! It’s called “Just do Something” by Kevin DeYoung (I think it’s the 8th one down under the 2009 messages). It’s about the will of God, and I believe it’s the best message I’ve ever heard on the subject! Enjoy!