This summer, my mom and I treated ourselves to some fun. We splurged and got season tickets to The Music Circus.  The Music Circus is a theater in-the-round in downtown Sacramento. It’s a small, intimate, vibrant atmosphere with excellent performances. To say that we had a blast would be a HUGE understatement. We took the opportunity to try new restaurants for lunch or dinner in the downtown Sacramento area with each show. So I’d like to take you on a little journey through our summer of fun.

Our first show was in the evening, so we started with dinner at an already tried and true favorite, Lucca. Lucca did not disappoint. We had a wonderful experience at this Mediterranean Restaurant. From the blue water glasses to the flatbread with hummus to the service, we loved our dinner. We decided to try something really different (for us) for our main course – a pork chop. Unfortunately, I don’t remember all the details about our dish. But what I do remember is this: it was to die for. To truly understand how good it was, you must first understand that I’m not a huge pork fan. The first time I ate pork and liked it was in Italy. But I’ve never really liked big, thick, pork chops. In all honesty, they gross me out a bit (thank you, high school biology). But this pork chop? Best ever. And it was served over polenta with asparagus and had the most delicious sauce.

Love this place!

It’s a good thing dinner was so amazing, because our show that night … not so much. Part of why we bought season tickets was because all of the shows actually looked great, except this first one. So we didn’t go into it with high hopes. The Music Circus’ rendition of Grease was definitely disappointing, on so many levels. Besides the fact that the story line is just plain awful and quite dirty (I didn’t remember the movie being as dirty as the play), there was some sort of trouble with the sound. And while the actors were good, their voices weren’t anything to write home about. And let’s face it … Olivia Newton John and John Travolta are a hard act to follow. But negativity aside, there were some good numbers and funny scenes.

We couldn’t end our lovely evening on this note, so we went back to Lucca for dessert. Again, I don’t remember what exactly we had. I want to say a chocolate semifreddo torte or something along those lines. And again, it was delicious and our service was excellent.

So all in all, our first Music Circus adventure was delightful. And don’t I just have the cutest mom ever??!

A picture of my cute mamma with her program became the tradition at each show.


Celebrated Ricky and Brit’s Wedding on Saturday! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

Me and my beautiful Mom!

Twin cousins

Hanging out with my cousin and future cousin-in-law!

“Silly faces!”

Kisses for Papa

Me and my boys!

Me & my Dad

My uncle literally forced me into the bouquet toss where I missed the first one because it went over everyone’s heads. Toss number 2 … it was like she was directly aiming for me! If this wasn’t my 4th bouquet, I might think it means something. 😉

Cousin picture! Do I have a beautiful family or what?!?

Some might call us “The Original Five” 😉