It’s almost the end of August. My how time flies … whether you’re having fun or not! So here are a few random thoughts on this Sunday afternoon of August …

1. I’ve had a guitar in my possession for about 2 years. I still don’t know how to play it. A few weeks ago, a friend showed me three chords and told me to practice 15 minutes a day. I eagerly sat down and practiced. And the next day, I practiced again. And the third day … I stopped practicing. No wonder I still haven’t learned how to play!

2. I do not like the heat and have decided once and for all that I’m a wimp. When it’s 100 degrees outside, I have conversations with myself that go like this … “Self, would you like to go on a bike ride right after work during the hottest part of the day when you’re going to be absolutely miserable?” “No, thank you,” I reply.  BUT … I have certainly enjoyed some beautiful Saturday morning rides lately (and even a couple late evening ones)! And I have decided I’d rather face cars than the joggers on the bike trail! Last time I rode the trail on a Saturday morning I almost crashed twice, and I decided that there should be a separate trail for joggers, runners, walkers, daydreamers, moms and their strollers, etc. But until they create another bike trail, just because I want one, I’d much rather face large pieces of machinery and narrow, winding roads! Besides, I’d miss seeing the llamas and horses and goats and cool little spots like this:

Wish I could’ve stopped for a good cup of coffee!

3. Over the last month or so, I began listening to some sermons by a guy named Tim Chaddick. He’s the pastor at Reality LA, and I have been super blessed by his teaching of the Word. This sermon on prayer was so amazing, I think you all should go listen to it right now. Ready? Go! (btw, if my pastor had an hour+ to preach, he’d be so stinking excited!)

4. I did something today that I haven’t done in a very, very long time. I went through some Italian vocab!!! And boy am I rusty. It’s amazing how much you can learn and forget … and forget that you learned. The reason I busted out my Italian vocab cards (I feel like I’m back in Greek) and my Italian lesson book (and I just realized I think I let someone borrow one of my Italian books … hmmmm, I should check on that!) … but back to my exciting announcement … Lord willing, I’m going to Italy in October! I’m so excited about this and just praying that it works out. 🙂

5. I am longing for fall to come!! I just want to bake and be warm and cozy and drink hot beverages. I passed a pumpkin patch on my ride yesterday, and it made me even more excited for fall … the fall weather helped too.

6.  “Holiness is beholding and reflecting the character of God.” – Tim Chaddick




A couple weeks ago, I had my first flat on the road. And I’m talking about my bike, of course. This wasn’t my first ever flat though. That occurred before Allie and I actually left for a ride several months ago. But back to this story… I was coming off a great downhill (note: I’ve had a fear of having a flat as I’m speeding downhill), and all of a sudden… PoP! I didn’t know I had a flat, not gonna lie. I thought something was terribly wrong and the  loud noise totally freaked me out! So we pulled over and see something sticking in my tire. Something little, so we thought. Uh huh. I’m proud to announce that Allie said she’d never had something so big in her tire. So you understand how big it was, I put it next to a quarter. Feast your eyes on my massive, sharp, barbed wire souvenir! And to make a long story short: I finally got a new tire, I got another flat (we won’t discuss that one), and  now I am finally able to get back on the road! I hope!


About 2 weeks after I moved home to Sacramento, my friend, Allie, moved back to the area as well. Allie is really into cycling (along with a million other cool outdoor/adventure things), and my lack of LA Fitness and my spin class motivated me to look into getting a bike. I’m not sure how serious I was at the outset of this bike adventure, but the more I talked to Allie about bikes, the more I wanted one. My conclusion was: it’s a great time to get into cycling while I live in this awesome city (cycling is kind of a big deal here) and near Allie (who knows a thing or two about bikes). In August, I took the plunge. The Lord provided a beautiful Specialized Dolce Elite Compact Road Bike. It was basically love at first test ride. I have loved my purchase! I haven’t ridden a ton – which is sad since I did make this purchase 6 months ago. Unfortunately, I found out (after my purchase) that cycling is actually bad for a knee injury I have – go figure. So I’ve had a few breaks from riding. But I’m still loving it!

So without further delay, meet my bike. It looks a little different now … different pedals, tape that’s not quite so white, dirt here and there. But she’s still quite lovely. And yes, she is a “she.” And yes, she lived in the living room for the first week. 🙂


And if you want to know how much of a nerd I am – here are my shoes. They’re pretty too. I didn’t mean for them to match my bike, but they do! I like them.


A few fun facts:

My first ride: Blockbuster on the day I bought my bike

My second ride: Madison/Greenback to the bike trail with this awesome view


My longest ride: 30 miles (we saw llamas and horse drawn carriages – it was AWESOME)

My favorite riding buddy/trainer/cheerleader: Allie

My coldest ride: Thanksgiving Day

My least favorite hill … make that my 2 least favorites: Park (“the hill of death”) and Sunset (the last — or is it the 2nd to the last? I hate it so much I can’t remember)

My favorite picture and one word to describe it – AWESOME