July 2012

I’ve ended up with about 30-40 minutes of “free time” that I wasn’t expecting. So I thought … I am near a computer and the internet, so I’ll blog! I’ve had quite a few things buzzing around in my brain to blog about over the last few weeks. Now that I’m sitting down to blog? I’m drawing a blank. I believe this happened the last time I tried to blog. 

I thought I’d answer a question that perhaps you’ve wondered on this rarely updated blog: why do I even keep a blog? That’s a good question, which I’ve recently thought a little about.

The reason I started my blog was to keep people back home updated when I went to Italy in the fall of 2007. Side note: I can’t believe it’s been almost 5 years since I hopped on a plane in San Francisco, completely uncertain of what was at the other end of that plane ride in Venice, Italy (or how long I’d even be there). Hmmm, I feel another blog post brewing. Back to the current broadcast…. I thought blogging would be the best way to keep family, friends, supporters, and such in the loop. Email blasts can be … obnoxious. Let’s just be honest here. We are all on mass email lists that we wish we weren’t on but we feel like it’d be too rude and awkward to request being taken off. Well, I didn’t want to do that to anyone. A blog on the other hand is something that people who want to follow my life can choose to do so. Those who don’t are under no obligation. It’s really a win win situation for everyone involved. You may be thinking (when I accuse you of thinking something, it’s basically because I’ve thought and asked it myself), “Well, of course it’s cool to follow a blog of someone living in Italy! We get to see pictures of cool Italy stuff! But you’ve been living back in Cali for almost 5 years. It’s not that exciting.” Excellent thought. Because I lived apart from my family for a few years in SoCal, it was still a good way to keep them posted through stories and pictures. And once I moved back to Sacramento, I had people from Southern CA who wanted to keep up with me. So the “keeping people updated that I don’t live near” reason is still valid.

One of the main reasons I blog is actually this: I enjoy writing. I’m “that girl” who actually missed writing papers after graduating from college. Crazy, I know. I actually wrote a professor my first summer out of college explaining how I sort of missed writing papers. (He gave me an assignment, and I gladly took him up on it. Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t exactly a research paper. It was simply a 2-4 page paper describing my summer and how I was doing. But it was a writing assignment from a professor nonetheless. And I enjoyed it.) Speaking of missing college papers, I must confess something else I miss: school and learning. But that’s another blog post too.

So I don’t really have this crazy long list of why I blog … I just like it. I think it’s kind of a habit too. An infrequent habit, I admit. I think it’d be weird to not have my blog anymore. And today, I was discussing blogs with someone and she told me she reads mine … and then she “scolded” me for not updating my blog very often (thanks Rachel! and I know you weren’t really scolding me, but saying you scolded me just sounds really funny and so not you hehe).

So, I’m not out to get Freshly Pressed and have hundreds of readers everyday. I just enjoy writing and keeping a few people updated on Hannah’s Happenings … mundane as those happenings may be. But hey … real life is about the mundane. So welcome to my real life!


Celebrated Ricky and Brit’s Wedding on Saturday! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

Me and my beautiful Mom!

Twin cousins

Hanging out with my cousin and future cousin-in-law!

“Silly faces!”

Kisses for Papa

Me and my boys!

Me & my Dad

My uncle literally forced me into the bouquet toss where I missed the first one because it went over everyone’s heads. Toss number 2 … it was like she was directly aiming for me! If this wasn’t my 4th bouquet, I might think it means something. 😉

Cousin picture! Do I have a beautiful family or what?!?

Some might call us “The Original Five” 😉