A couple weeks ago, I had my first flat on the road. And I’m talking about my bike, of course. This wasn’t my first ever flat though. That occurred before Allie and I actually left for a ride several months ago. But back to this story… I was coming off a great downhill (note: I’ve had a fear of having a flat as I’m speeding downhill), and all of a sudden… PoP! I didn’t know I had a flat, not gonna lie. I thought something was terribly wrong and the  loud noise totally freaked me out! So we pulled over and see something sticking in my tire. Something little, so we thought. Uh huh. I’m proud to announce that Allie said she’d never had something so big in her tire. So you understand how big it was, I put it next to a quarter. Feast your eyes on my massive, sharp, barbed wire souvenir! And to make a long story short: I finally got a new tire, I got another flat (we won’t discuss that one), and  now I am finally able to get back on the road! I hope!