About 2 weeks after I moved home to Sacramento, my friend, Allie, moved back to the area as well. Allie is really into cycling (along with a million other cool outdoor/adventure things), and my lack of LA Fitness and my spin class motivated me to look into getting a bike. I’m not sure how serious I was at the outset of this bike adventure, but the more I talked to Allie about bikes, the more I wanted one. My conclusion was: it’s a great time to get into cycling while I live in this awesome city (cycling is kind of a big deal here) and near Allie (who knows a thing or two about bikes). In August, I took the plunge. The Lord provided a beautiful Specialized Dolce Elite Compact Road Bike. It was basically love at first test ride. I have loved my purchase! I haven’t ridden a ton – which is sad since I did make this purchase 6 months ago. Unfortunately, I found out (after my purchase) that cycling is actually bad for a knee injury I have – go figure. So I’ve had a few breaks from riding. But I’m still loving it!

So without further delay, meet my bike. It looks a little different now … different pedals, tape that’s not quite so white, dirt here and there. But she’s still quite lovely. And yes, she is a “she.” And yes, she lived in the living room for the first week. 🙂


And if you want to know how much of a nerd I am – here are my shoes. They’re pretty too. I didn’t mean for them to match my bike, but they do! I like them.


A few fun facts:

My first ride: Blockbuster on the day I bought my bike

My second ride: Madison/Greenback to the bike trail with this awesome view


My longest ride: 30 miles (we saw llamas and horse drawn carriages – it was AWESOME)

My favorite riding buddy/trainer/cheerleader: Allie

My coldest ride: Thanksgiving Day

My least favorite hill … make that my 2 least favorites: Park (“the hill of death”) and Sunset (the last — or is it the 2nd to the last? I hate it so much I can’t remember)

My favorite picture and one word to describe it – AWESOME