Well, I’m slightly embarrassed that I wrote this post about my October trip to Southern CA clear back in November and never posted it. I don’t even remember what I wrote … maybe I should read it before publishing it?


In October, I got to take a trip to Southern CA – the beautiful Santa Clarita Valley to be more specific … and a little of the San Fernando Valley as well. 😉 This was my first trip since I moved home, and it was a wonderful blessing in so many ways. The primary reason for the trip – a wedding! (And not just anyone’s wedding … Polly’s wedding! Woot woot!) My 4 day weekend was filled to the brim and included the following:

  • Laughing so hard on the car ride from the airport that I’m pretty sure Jenn almost wrecked the car once or twice due to lack of visibility from tears in her eyes (I’d mention one of the things we were laughing at but you’d have no idea what I was talking about, and I’ve been told by a source that if you Google it … well, it’s not entirely appropriate. But don’t worry …. Google doesn’t know what I’m talking about either). Love you, Jenn! 😉
  • Tears of utter happiness at the sight of Polly
  • A bridal shower (an absolutely beautiful one, I might add)
  • Last minute packing and moving
  • An early morning breakfast
  • Little sleep
  • 3 different places to sleep (in 4 nights, haha)
  • Discovering I enjoy arranging flowers
  • Manicures (Confession: I love getting a French Manicure! I feel so stinkin’ pretty and girly with my nails done … LOVE it!)

Yay for a pretty French manicure

  • Did I mention the lack of sleep yet?
  • 2 different 2 hour stays at Chick-Fil-A in 1 night and I didn’t even eat there … yeah, go figure
  • Lots of laughter – especially in my 4 hours at Chick-Fil-A
  • Golden Spoon!!! YuM!

BTW, we're at Chick-Fil-A! I wasn't kidding about how much time I spent there!

  • The “Low Hotel”
  • Church of the Canyons – Pastor Bob, many sweet friends, my little Sunday School kids! 🙂
  • Coffee with a friend
  • Lunch at Aroma with a friend
  • Dinner with my “Southern CA Parents” at my favorite Italian restaurant in SoCal – La Piccola Trattoria. I may or may not be best friends with the chef … he kinda makes me a special dessert.
  • Leap Year – so great!  Rita, I LoVe laughing with you!
  • A stop at GTY – my how things have changed around that place. Like half the people in Customer Service are new. Guess that’s what happens over the course of 2-3 years.
  • Children’s Hunger Fund.  I felt a bit like a celebrity in the hallway … pretty nice! 😉 My CHF peeps, it was SO wonderful to see you. I miss working with ya’ll! And not gonna lie, I think I mostly miss laughing with you guys. 🙂 I’m glad “the new me” doesn’t bake so I won’t be entirely forgotten!
  • Just realized I kinda forgot an important thing … Polly and Brian’s wedding!!! (It was kind of a big deal.) Definitely one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to. I loved everything about it. I mean, ya’ll fed me Porto’s potato balls for cryin’ out loud. Super great catching up with people at the reception! (Ash, I am SO thankful for the time we had that night! Love you, friend!)
  • Aroma with my sweet Kristin (oh boy, just remembered what I ate that day … Peppered Beef Sandwich. Can we say delicious??)
  • And we’re back at the Sacramento Airport … the new terminal, I might add. Yes, I saw the gigantic red bunny and rode the tram and felt like an idiot for having no clue until my arrival at the airport that there was a brand new terminal – apparently I’m a bit out of the loop. Oh and also, when I flew out of Sac, I had one of the most awkward experiences ever … let’s just say snake skin sandals, Vegas, and awkward humor … we’ll leave it at that. {Awkward turtle!}

Does anyone know why this large rabbit is greeting guests in Sacramento??!

  • Lack of pictures. Sorry, I wasn’t exactly going picture happy with my phone.

Overall, the trip was everything I hoped for and more. God was so kind in giving me a trip full of laughter, fun, serious and encouraging conversations, opportunities to serve, and sweet time with friends! Thanks to everyone involved in making my weekend visit so grand!


So I had this nostalgic desire to go to a Grace Community Christmas concert this year, and my mom and I decided to drive down for a weekend. Super fun weekend spent with great friends. God’s grace and good gifts were, once again, so lavish! I’ll simply let a few pictures do the talking.

Polly, THANK YOU! I totally love my pineapple ornament! Made me smile every time I saw it on my tree!


The Christmas concert was super great! Yay!


What's Christmas in SCV without a little Ash Court Christmas bling?? 😉