Some random, perhaps not-so-well-known facts about myself that I’d like to confess …

1. I was a cheerleader … for a year. Should I be honored or concerned that most people are shocked to learn or be reminded of that?

2. I used to love horses – I had them on my walls! They are not there anymore.

3. I learned to show dogs. Yes, show dogs – you read it right the first time. Do you know how to properly hold your arm and how to hold the leash, trot alongside a dog and control him/her, or how to set the dog in the correct stance for the judge to look at them (and did you know you have a very short amount of time to get them set?)? Yeah, I didn’t think so! And do I remember those things now … not very well. It was a short phase.

4. I LOVE sushi! My current favorite place is PK Sushi in Rocklin. So D-to-the-L-to-the ICIOUS! The waitress and I are now on a first name basis – it helps that she wears a name tag. Tried a new roll last night – Double Shrimp. I’d call it one part shrimp, two parts deliciousness-in-my-mouth!

5. I don’t love weddings. Did you just gasp? I know … how un-girly of me, right? Now don’t get me wrong (especially those of you who are about to get married – YAY – and those who’ve had me in your wedding). I LOVE weddings when my dear friends that I love are getting hitched! And I enjoy being involved in weddings and helping out at receptions and all that jazz. I’m just not the type of person to randomly drop in on a wedding of people I do not know … unlike some people I know, and even call dear friends. 😉

6. I was blogging because I was counting down the minutes until I could print my boarding pass!!! 🙂

On a bit of a more serious note – these blog posts found their way into my inbox a few weeks ago. Thank you, Desiring God Ministries. I thought they were a good read, and I appreciated them. Enjoy if you so choose to read them: John Piper’s explanation of why he exercises Part 1 and Part 2.