So did I mention I don’t have the internet at my house?! Because … I don’t. Which makes blogging a big sporadic. OK, a lot sporadic? Or perhaps nonexistent would be a better term to use. Thus begins some much needed updates. First off (because my favorite CLow requested a pic of my kitchen … ummmm … about 2 months ago), the house!

The end of July and first weeks of August were a bit stretching. But the results were beautiful and the ways the Lord provided were incredible beyond belief! My dear mother has needed a new oven for awhile now. She was still using her 28 year old, original with the house, not working quite right anymore oven. Long story short – she had one in mind that she REALLY wanted, we ended up finding an awesome guy at Sears who found us a super great deal, AND her Sunday School class pulled off “Operation Oven Mitt.” What might that be you ask? They collected money for my mom to get the oven of her dreams – double oven, woohoo (almost as spectacular as a double rainbow)! Such dear people!! We also got laminate flooring throughout the entire house (minus the bathrooms). They are beautiful and we’re thoroughly enjoying them (sorry I don’t really have a picture of the floors; you can see a pinch of them below). And again, God provided AMAZING deals. 🙂 So without further ado, welcome to my kitchen!

Yay for the beautiful, new double oven!

Cookie Time!

Why just the other night I made cookies in the lower oven! Hey, there are 2 missing! Quick shout out to Polly – it’s your recipe and I ended up making them TWICE last week and I miss you like CrAzY. I’d like to state for the record that I did NOT eat them all. I’ve made them for other people … and enjoyed a few for myself, of course. They are weight watcher cookies after all people! I’m practically getting more fit by eating them.