October 2011

Some random, perhaps not-so-well-known facts about myself that I’d like to confess …

1. I was a cheerleader … for a year. Should I be honored or concerned that most people are shocked to learn or be reminded of that?

2. I used to love horses – I had them on my walls! They are not there anymore.

3. I learned to show dogs. Yes, show dogs – you read it right the first time. Do you know how to properly hold your arm and how to hold the leash, trot alongside a dog and control him/her, or how to set the dog in the correct stance for the judge to look at them (and did you know you have a very short amount of time to get them set?)? Yeah, I didn’t think so! And do I remember those things now … not very well. It was a short phase.

4. I LOVE sushi! My current favorite place is PK Sushi in Rocklin. So D-to-the-L-to-the ICIOUS! The waitress and I are now on a first name basis – it helps that she wears a name tag. Tried a new roll last night – Double Shrimp. I’d call it one part shrimp, two parts deliciousness-in-my-mouth!

5. I don’t love weddings. Did you just gasp? I know … how un-girly of me, right? Now don’t get me wrong (especially those of you who are about to get married – YAY – and those who’ve had me in your wedding). I LOVE weddings when my dear friends that I love are getting hitched! And I enjoy being involved in weddings and helping out at receptions and all that jazz. I’m just not the type of person to randomly drop in on a wedding of people I do not know … unlike some people I know, and even call dear friends. 😉

6. I was blogging because I was counting down the minutes until I could print my boarding pass!!! 🙂

On a bit of a more serious note – these blog posts found their way into my inbox a few weeks ago. Thank you, Desiring God Ministries. I thought they were a good read, and I appreciated them. Enjoy if you so choose to read them: John Piper’s explanation of why he exercises Part 1 and Part 2.



OK, I’m just a wee bit excited about this here update. It has probably been the highlight of my time home, because as anyone who really knows me knows … I LOVE JOSH GROBAN. I have a bit of a story to tell about getting tickets to see Josh Groban at the Power Balance Pavilion (can we please take a moment of silence for Arco Arena … sigh … so many fond memories there … you’ll forever remain in my heart. OK, touching moment over).

So I wanted to buy tickets to see Josh Groban MONTHS ago – like the day they went on sale. But I didn’t know who I’d go with, there was a slight possibility of me moving to Sacramento so I wasn’t comfortable buying tickets for the LA show, yada yada yada. Well obviously, I moved to Sacramento. So I thought, perfect, I shall see him here. By the time my mom and I finally landed on going for sure and which tickets we wanted (floor seats), they were sold out. It was a couple weeks before the show after all. So I began my Craigslist adventure. And let me tell you, I was scared to death! But I found what seemed to be legit floor seats and I realllllly wanted them. So I contacted the guy … concluded he was a normal person (at least on the phone) and picked a place to meet to purchase said tickets. I mentioned to the guy putting our floors in that I was buying tickets on Craiglist for a concert, and I asked him if he had done anything like that. He proceeded to tell me about the last time he bought tickets to the Kings vs. Lakers game – he got to the game only to find out they were fakes. This did not give me courage to go buy my Josh Groban tickets! I was literally a wreck. I was so scared they were gonna be fake or the man was going to kill me in the parking lot of Jack in the Box. My sweet mother came to my rescue so that at least we’d both be killed getting the tickets instead of just me. Thankfully, the guy was totally nice and not a con artist and very patient with my craziness of trying to figure out if he was a convicted felon. I believe this all occurred one week before the concert. Fast forward a week.

My mom’s back went out; we were devastated that she couldn’t go. My cousin Heidi ended up getting to go with me, which was such a blast! We attended our first Josh Groban concert together at the Staples Center in LA when we were in college. So, once we got through the door and I knew my tickets were real, I had such an amazing time! And let me tell you, never again will I sit anywhere but the floor at a Josh Groban concert. Oh boy … he’s just such an amazing musician … and comedian. 🙂 But the coolest part (ahhh) … he was like 5 feet away from me at one point! I could have tackled him (not that I would ever do something like that because that’s just ridiculous, but … just sayin’ … I could’ve!). And the dude who sold me my tickets? Yeah, he was 2 rows behind me on the aisle and he shook Josh Groban’s hand. And what did I do? Shook the man’s hand afterward, duh! So that’s right, I have shaken the hand of a man who has shaken the hand of Josh Groban! I didn’t wash my hand for … about an hour. 😉 Oh and I realized what I want to be when I grow up … an amazing musician who plays in Josh Groban’s band! How fun would that be?! OK, I’m really starting to sound like a crazy stalker fan … and I promise I’m not. I’m just gonna let the pictures do the talking now …

Opening act over ... can't wait for Josh to make his appearance!

Our seats - so great!

He came so close! And he took the old couple next to us up on stage!

Good-bye Josh ... we love you!

The degree of separation between me and Josh Groban was narrowed by about a million. I shook the hand of a man who shook Josh Groban's hand!!!

Which shirt would YOU buy??! Haha, just for clarification ... I DO NOT and NEVER WILL own a tshirt with Josh Groban's face plastered on it.

So did I mention I don’t have the internet at my house?! Because … I don’t. Which makes blogging a big sporadic. OK, a lot sporadic? Or perhaps nonexistent would be a better term to use. Thus begins some much needed updates. First off (because my favorite CLow requested a pic of my kitchen … ummmm … about 2 months ago), the house!

The end of July and first weeks of August were a bit stretching. But the results were beautiful and the ways the Lord provided were incredible beyond belief! My dear mother has needed a new oven for awhile now. She was still using her 28 year old, original with the house, not working quite right anymore oven. Long story short – she had one in mind that she REALLY wanted, we ended up finding an awesome guy at Sears who found us a super great deal, AND her Sunday School class pulled off “Operation Oven Mitt.” What might that be you ask? They collected money for my mom to get the oven of her dreams – double oven, woohoo (almost as spectacular as a double rainbow)! Such dear people!! We also got laminate flooring throughout the entire house (minus the bathrooms). They are beautiful and we’re thoroughly enjoying them (sorry I don’t really have a picture of the floors; you can see a pinch of them below). And again, God provided AMAZING deals. 🙂 So without further ado, welcome to my kitchen!

Yay for the beautiful, new double oven!

Cookie Time!

Why just the other night I made cookies in the lower oven! Hey, there are 2 missing! Quick shout out to Polly – it’s your recipe and I ended up making them TWICE last week and I miss you like CrAzY. I’d like to state for the record that I did NOT eat them all. I’ve made them for other people … and enjoyed a few for myself, of course. They are weight watcher cookies after all people! I’m practically getting more fit by eating them.