So I’ve got some pretty big news to share. Rather than beat around the bush, I’ll just come right out with it. I’m moving back to Sacramento. Next week. And I’ll be working at my home church. I know, crazy, right?! I’m still a bit shocked myself, since it’s been a fairly sudden thing that’s come about. The Lord has provided this job and opportunity for me to move home, so … here I go! My life is currently full of packing, wrapping things up, planning for my move and the transition, and trying to sqeeze in everything I will miss: time with dear friends, eating Golden Spoon (what will life be like without it??), Aroma (so thankful there’s Karen’s up there … otherwise I might die), using giftcards to Glen Ivy Day Spa, saying good-byes, cooking Italian food with friends, hanging out with my roomies (whom I will miss so very much!!!), the beautiful Huntington Library and Gardens and Pasadena, spin class (I hope I don’t gain 500 pounds now), my precious little Sunday School class.

BUT … here are a few of the wonderful things I have in store for me … MY FAMILY, friends, my home church, awesome ministry opportunities, my cousins, homemade popcorn with my mom (i just can’t seem to make it for myself), my sweet Allie who’s moving back too, bike rides along the river, my family, BBQ (yum), dinner parties, Karen’s Bakery, midtown, game nights, cheaper tax (I’m real excited for this), 1 mile commute (I can’t begin to exclaim my excitement), Lucca’s, the piano, and did I mention my family? 🙂

My last day at Children’s Hunger Fund will be next Friday. It’s definitely a bittersweet thing to say good-bye to these sweet people I’ve come to know and love over the last 15 months. I will miss it here. I had the opportunity over the last week or so to be involved in a really fun and awesome project – our new Back to School video. Please watch it, because it’s so great and you’ll love it! (And I may or may not be starting a new career in teaching, haha)