I’ve wanted to blog. Really, I have. But time has recently been slipping through my fingers … explanation to come (next week at the latest). But for now, I’d like to introduce you to my latest and greatest and most favorite-est purchase! Gap GFast Leggings … the greatest invention ever.

Did you know there’s totally a reason that athletes [usually] wear clothes that aren’t bulky and heavy? I mean … I knew that, but now … I KNOW it. Let’s just say, these little guys have allowed me to spin faster, climb harder, and whoop everyone around me in spin class! OK, that might be a bit extreme. But in all seriousness, these are the most amazing workout pants ever AND comfortable beyond belief! I could {literally} live in these things. Oh and cool factoid not seen in this pic … yeah, there are mesh vents beings your knees. Pretty genius. Suffice to say, these pants are one part nylon and two parts awesome! Oh and another cool factoid about this picture is I have those shoes! Except mine are way more cute – they’re gray and pink. Holla!

Polly, I thank you for the introduction to this wonderful creation. You are my hero {for many reasons}.