So when I logged onto my blog a couple weeks ago, I was pretty embarrassed to find that somehow time flew by, yet again, with no signs of life on this here blog. And yet there’s been a fairly steady trickle of people stopping by — I’m completely perplexed. So anyhow, I just wanted to pop on and let the world know I’m still here (and by “world” I really just mean a couple family members and co-workers, who … I’m pretty sure all know that I’m still alive and well). So what have I been up to over the last month and a half you may or may not be wondering … what has been keeping me so busy that I haven’t been blogging??! Allow me to fill you in …

Teaching Sunday School! I teach sweet little K-1st graders at Church of the Canyons. I’m often astounded by the minds of 6 year olds … they ask the most brilliant, interesting, and silly questions … and they make the most outrageous comments! They (usually) make me smile! 🙂

Cooking! What I’ve been cooking is the astounding part: eggs! Yes, that’s right, eggs. Now I’m not a huge egg fan; in fact, I never eat them. But I have recently been introduced to farm fresh eggs, and I feel like Julie Powell in Julie & Julia when she eats her very first egg and says, “It tastes like … cheese sauce. Yum.” OK, so I don’t know if I’d describe eggs as “cheese sauce,” but I would say that I never knew an egg could taste so good. I’ve poached them, made Pasta alla Carbonara with them, and fried them. I haven’t been on an egg only diet, don’t worry. I made Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake for a friend’s birthday. Oh, and Penne alla Vodka (2 times, 2 recipes). And salmon. Oh, and blondies (sooo good with bananas, walnuts and dark chocolate). I think there were a few other things thrown in there, but I don’t remember.

My second poached egg. Who knew it was so easy?!

So I got creative. I knew I wanted an egg for dinner. Then I remembered I had some honey wheat bagels. When I was at Sprouts, they were sampling Gouda, which I then HAD to buy. Then I looked at their deli meat and thought, "Yum, black forest ham. Hey, I've got the makings of a 'breakfast' sandwich!"

Horrible, blurry pic ... but the cake looks good 🙂

Spending time at home (oh, and then got the stomach flu which basically wiped me out for a good week). In Sacramento, I enjoyed everything from family to the theater to pedicures to walks along to river to amazing restaurants and even more amazing friends! More to come on this, and my birthday!

Yay for pretty toes!

Yay for cousin time and silly pictures! 🙂

That’s all for now; I’m going to bed. And since I have several things in mind to write about, I hope it won’t be another month and a half before blogging!