As previously mentioned, I got a Cuisinart Food Processor for Christmas! I was shocked to find the 14 cup beast “under” the tree. I kept telling my mom, “I don’t need the 14 cup! That’s huge!” She kept assuring me, “I think you’ll be glad you had the 14 cup, Hannah.” Well, of course, mother knows best. I used the beast for the first time last week to make these delicious chocolate sugar cookies … and I am in love! Cuisinart, you have outdone yourself. I think my food processor is my new best friend, and I’m pretty sure I’m about to wonder how I ever lived without it. A few days later, I was dying to cook, just to use my food processor again! This time: pesto. Yum. And I’m planning to make the same cookies again this week, because I’m addicted to both the tool and the end result! I decided I had to take some quick snapshots to document my first use … yes, I’m a nerd, I confess. 🙂

Step 1: Dump every thing into the bowl

Step 2: Press the button to mix ingredients together
Step 3: Place on cookie sheets to bake
Step 4: Eat. Enjoy. Exercise … well, don’t think about that part.

On another note … I took my roommate, Polly, to an early birthday celebration at Stella Mare’s last weekend. We ate the most delicious food and had such a fun time. And while I know she may absolutely hate me for putting these pictures up, I personally think they’re adorable (even with not so great quality and unremedied red eyes in the second photo … but do I care … well, no. I figure so few people actually read my blog, that it doesn’t really matter). 😉

I think desserts just taste better when "Happy Birthday" is written on the plate in chocolate

Happy (early) Birthday, Roomie!