November was a great month, for so many reasons! And even though it’s been weeks since I’ve blogged, I’ve had a million things on my mind to blog about … I just haven’t had the time to actually sit down and do it! So without further ado, here are my top reasons why (in chronological order) November was so fantabulous!

1. As seen on my previous blog post, I moved back in with the girls … and I’m having an absolute blast!

2. November 10, 2010 will forever be etched on my mind. The reason? Polly and I had an up close and peronsal concert from Josh Groban – in his living room! OK, well maybe it wasn’t too up close … or in Josh’s actual living room … but it was an AMAZING concert at a small venue in Santa Barbara! And if having people from the audience up on stage to sing and drink wine with you isn’t personal, then I don’t know what is! Josh, you’ve done it once again with your new album … and you are welcome to my living room anytime you want to sing for Polly and me (you’ll need to bring your own piano, thanks)! Polly blogged about our night too!

Two VERY excited fans!!

3. 4 adults, 7 teenagers, 1 day at Disneyland and California Adventure = “the best day of the year” 🙂 Hmmm, highlights from this day? Oh there are just too many … Jess and Dom, a whole day with the SCCS kids, Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, rescuing a little lost girl, skipping, Dole Whip, World of Color, singing, being called a princess, Tower of Terror, nicknamed “Blindside” … oh just look at some pics (courtesy of Tyler Joy Bannerman).

Jess and Han (and my "safety belt")

The group!

Magical Disney Snow!!!

Saying goodbye to Jess and Baby Avila

4. THANKSGIVING!!! Once again, I could devote an entire post to my time at home, which was wonderful in every way. This trip included time with my family, time with my Heidi (yay, so special!), prayer, Apple Hill, snow, laughter, a night at the Prices, Starbucks, a haircut, retarded movies, church, Peet’s Coffee. It was perfect, and I couldn’t have asked for a better time.

My cousin's little girl - too cute for words! 🙂

My boys! I sure do love them!

Me and the parents at Apple Hill

I'm realizing my posts about home always include Allie and Doug. That's because our families basically get together every holiday when all of us kiddos are home!

And whenever there are pics of Allie, Doug, and me ... the "two" face and fish lips just come naturally 😉

5. CJ Mahaney sermon on sanctification (listened to on a record drive for the Sunday after Thanksgiving – not even 7 hrs! amazing!)

“Sanctification is evidence of genuine justification … never the grounds for justification!”

“The only thing I contribute to my salvation is my sin that makes my salvation necessary.”