Yesterday, I moved back into the townhouse with Polly, Steffi, and Grace Anne! It’s been about 30 hours since I’ve been back, and it’s been wonderful – full of laughter, talking, Polly and I sitting on our beds, watching videos, laughing at crazy shows on TV, hearing updates on life. Good times! I feel like I’ve come home. 🙂

Now, don’t call me crazy, but another place that feels like home to me is … Trader Joe’s. I may or may not have described it once as being like “Cheers,” but without the drunk people. 🙂 I know the people who work there, we exchange recipes, and I look forward to seeing them! Tonight I had to be very disciplined, because there were several new items for Christmas that I wanted to buy! Like the Dark Chocolate Covered Joe-Joe’s and Panettone. Sweet goodness, I was tempted!

Sigh … I just love Christmas! I look forward to soon replicating last year’s Roommate Christmas Tree Event!