Lately, I have come to realize a few things. Some of them (I think they’re pretty obvious), I already knew but have just been especially aware of as of late. So, here are my realizations  …

1. LA traffic is ridiculous beyond words … and one of the most sanctifying tools of God in my life. Did you know I can’t control traffic? Amazing that I sometimes think I can!

2. I’m about to make my 6th move in 2 years (and one month, to be precise). Maybe I should become a professional mover??

3. Since college, I have lived with 15 people (so what if one of them isn’t even 1 yet … still counts!)

4. I LOVE my job and the people I work with. I am so blessed to work for this wonderful organization – Children’s Hunger Fund.

5. Me and printers … yeah, we don’t get along, and I’m starting to wonder if we ever will (yet another sanctifying tool of God in my life. Hmmm, there are several).

6. Smart phones are basically amazing!

7. I absolutely love my church – I’m reminded of this just about every Sunday!

8. I have 3 grandparents who pray for me every day! How amazing is that, and how blessed am I??!

9. I love personal (“personal” mind you, not forwards) emails. They brighten my day. So do notes and letters. Love them!

10. I have greatly missed my sweet friend, Polly! #4 on her post made me smile and made my day! That night was so fun!! And P.S. I can’t wait to come sit on the end of your bed, Polly! 🙂

11. It’s been almost 2 months since my dear friend, Jess, moved! I didn’t realize how much we did together until after she moved … we worked out, grocery shopped, ran errands, cooked dinner, took care of dead batteries, watched movies, drank coffee, attemped and conquered Julia Child recipes, went to the movies late at night, prayed, watched “So You Think You Can Dance,” and stayed up way too late, way too often! Love ya, friend! 🙂

We even went on swings!