Friday I looked at Felicia’s facebook and saw these pictures …

Luigi playing with his kids at the Rehabilitation Center's Beach : )

The Whole Family ... Precious!!

I definitely had tears in my eyes as I looked through her pictures. I’m so thankful for how the Lord has preserved Luigi’s life, and I’m so amazed at his progress! God is so kind! šŸ™‚ And I saw on her facebook yesterday that he got to go home for a 24 hour period! How exciting!

Keeping with the theme of Italy … I got to see these precious kids a few weeks ago …

Me & the Stanisci kids

Pretty in pink


Oh boy … my time with them also brought tears to my eyes … I sure do love these kids! šŸ™‚ The Staniscis (along with all the other Grace Church missionaries) were home for a conference with Grace Ministries International. This was the first time I’d seen Cristina and the kids in a year! I’m not sure how many times I said this about the kids: “They grew so much … they’re huge!”Ā  It sure did my heart good to see them. Which reminds me of something I should probably share … part of what was great about seeing Lucio and Cristina was discussing where I was at in my pursuit of going to Italy. I think I’ve already shared that I’ve decided not to pursue going to Italy anytime in the near future. I’m not saying it’ll never, ever occur. But the Lord just hasn’t made it clear that I should be pursuing the mission field, and therefore, I’m not going to. Lucio and Cristina’s counsel and feedback on this matter was encouraging and affirming, for which I was very grateful. The Lord clearly directs His children, and so if He gives me clear direction to go to Italy … I’ll follow it. But today, He’s called me to the Santa Clarita Valley. šŸ™‚

Ummm … I’m hoping ya’ll can see these pics … they weren’t showing up once I posted this. Sorry!