Listened to a sermon tonight on the unpardonable sin from Mark 3 (yep, trying to figure that out and get down to the bottom of what I believe). This message was recommended to me by a friend/co-worker who attends Grace Baptist Church. Was struck by this from the end of the message …

“God cares about our view of Jesus Christ. He cares deeply that we view Him as Lord and Master, and that the Lordship of Christ that we claim in our lives not be seen just as duty and obligation, but it grows into a position of a great excitement and delight as we come to understand that what Jesus Christ asks of us is always best for us. God cares about how we submit to Him. God cares about the way our lives testify to the fact that Jesus is Lord.”

“We are here for one reason and that is to magnify the glory of the God who has sent Jesus Christ to be our Savior.”

– David Hegg, “The Unpardonable Sin” – 9 May 2010