Just read this email from Frank, with the most recent update on Luigi. As I read it … I was marvelling at the goodness and kindness of our great God. I am reminded of these verses … Psalm 35:28 – “Then my tongue shall tell of your righteousness and of your praise all the day long,” and Psalm 71:8 – “My mouth is filled with your praise, and with your glory all the day.” Who would’ve thought a few weeks ago that this would be the outcome??! 🙂

August 18, 2010 – Report #14
It’s been two weeks since our last update on Luigi. Rehab each week day has been very intense, painful and sometimes discouraging. It was even dangerous the first day when he fainted and could have hit his head where the piece of skull is still missing. We are SO grateful to finally be in this phase although there are still big challenges to face ahead. Luigi is able to walk some with a walker (for safety precaution).
Despite the distance and inconvenience to reach the island rehab hospital, a number of believers have been going to visit him and that really helps his morale! Brain trauma often affects one’s emotional stability. Even the kind lady doctor from the initial hospital (that I have mentioned before) came to visit him and brought some homemade jam. I think I can assume that is going the 2nd and 3rd mile and certainly shows her concern for Luigi and Felicia! She said she could count on one hand the patients she has known that had a critical trauma to the brain like Luigi who have survived! Again we praise the Lord for His goodness!
He will have approximately two more weeks of rehab after which he will be transferred back to the first hospital to have the removed skull piece put back in place around September 1st. Luigi is still having a significant amount of back pain but his being able to walk does help alleviate the pain some. His left arm and hand are making slow progress. Please keep praying!
It was such a delight to have our daughter Elizabeth back here in Italy for a brief nine-day period! She was a great help to Luigi and Felicia and big encouragement. The time together as a family was wonderful (though it went all too fast!). Before her return to the States (August 13th) she shared what a privilege and blessing it is to serve others (something I, too, had been meditating about). God’s Word says that through love we should serve one another (Galatians 5:13). As Christ’s servants, we need to be patient (Psalm 37:7) and flexible in meeting others’ needs. Although Luigi no longer needs someone to assist him each night, Felicia is with him each day at the distant hospital and still needs our assistance with their two little ones. By the way, during this time in the hospital, Luigi has been formulating the first sermon he wants to give once back in church!