First time meeting my aunt and uncle's dogs ... I just loved them! (AZ)

I love my Aunt Mar! 3+ years is way too long between visits. (AZ)

Cooking with my mamma! Next picture shows who started it all ... (AZ)

My grandma's friend is Italian. He mentioned to my mom and grandma that his grandmother used to make amazing risotto. My mom volunteered me to make risotto for him one night. Such a blast! And he approved! ; ) (AZ)

Buon Appetito! (ps - my grandma wouldn't really smile and Don wouldn't look at the camera ... quite the pair, haha) (AZ)

The view of the pool and ocean from my lounge chair ... it was rough!

To say that my mom LOVED snorkeling would be the understatement of the year!

Uh ... my uncle and I may or may not have laughed at this child ; )

Our poolside bungalow ... with some sleepy boys

I just can't leave out the shower picture (it was in the bungalow). I don't know who took the pic ... assuming my mom? : )

The Bandit! One of my fave pics from the trip ... sorry Joella : )

Can we say "massive"?? Me, my cousin Abby, and my mom in front of a HUGE fireplace.

Yes, cards ... they are a must have in this family! Thanks for a wonderful trip! : )