Ok, so I was on such a roll with faithfully blogging … and then I went MIA. But I do have a great excuse … I was on vacation! So here are a few updates and a preview of my vacation.


The last update I received was about a week ago. Frank says it so much better than I can, so here are a few snippetts from his email update (dated Aug. 4th).

It was great to hear him be so talkative (those personally acquainted with Luigi know how quick he speaks). It was great to see how well his keen memory has returned. It was really heart-warming to read Scripture together and pray out loud.

This previous Monday was a discouraging day for Luigi as he discovered how weak he had become over the last nearly six weeks. He was to sit up in bed for the first time since entering the hospital. He could only take a few minutes and he was exhausted. He also is still very limited on use of his left arm and hand. Tomorrow (Aug 5), testing will be done to try to determine the reason. Please pray for the doctors to be able to be discerning. Yesterday he could sit up in a wheel chair and feed himself!

This coming Monday (Aug 9), Luigi will be transferred to a hospital that specializes in helping to rehabilitate people who have suffered from brain trauma. This rehab will last for possibly 3-4 weeks. The unfortunate aspect of this highly recommended hospital is that it is located on an island east of Venice and requires travelling on a boat to get there. That will greatly increase the difficulty of Felicia trying to be with him daily (three hours travel coming and going). Pray Luigi will be able to face this difficult period with determined faith and perseverance. Please also pray he will be able to sleep well at nights since rest helps his body heal and his morale to increase. We are very grateful that the brain swelling we asked you to pray about has gone completely down! The right side of his skull will not be reinserted until after the rehab is finished.

We are again so grateful for your continued prayer support and for the wonderful miracle that God has performed thus far on Luigi’s behalf!

Frank also included Luigi’s email address for anyone who would like to write him a note of encouragement. Since Frank offered it, I would be glad to share that if you’re interested … just let me know.


First of all … it was awesome, even though it was a little complicated due to the amount of travel that took place: 4 days of flying within a period of 8 days; a total of 8 flights; 3 delayed flights (I lost track … maybe it was 4???); carrying my luggage and my grandma’s through several different airports; my mother literally praying me to safety as my plane into Tuscon was in the midst of a huge lightening storm; and so on. 🙂

My mom and I first went to Tuscon, AZ. We spent a couple days with my grandma, aunt, and uncle, which was a blast! Then my mom, grandma, and I took off for West Palm Beach, Florida, where we were meeting up with my Uncle David and his family. They were vacationing at The Breakers, and we stayed at my Great Aunt Margie’s condo (literally right on the Atlantic Ocean). This family reunion was so much fun. It had been years since I’d seen my uncle, my cousin, and my Aunt Margie. Also, we got to meet my uncle’s wife and her 3 kids – so great! Here are a few pics (first is AZ, and the others are FL) … more to come … hopefully. 🙂

The Girls ... Grandma, Aunt Mar, my mom and I. Oh ... and it's not just the girls ... the dogs are boys. 😉

Mom and David sitting outside our poolside/oceanside bungalow

Cousins! I felt like I met Abby for the first time since it's been 5 or 6 years since I last saw her!

How many hours of snorkeling did we get in??? ; )