Here is a portion of the update I received on Luigi over the weekend (from his father-in-law) …

As I entered into his room, Luigi greeted me with his own voice! It was such an emotional moment for him and for me! God has restored the incredible gift of communication to Luigi! During his coma, there was no communication. Then there was very limited communication as he regained consciousness. And now there is two-way communication which is music to Felicia’s ears as well as to all of us! It made me think how we need to keep praying for those around us who are in “spiritual coma” and have no communication with God and how only God can spiritually awake them and open their hearts and vocal cords to affirm belief in God, pray and sing praises to Him! There are still some limitations in Luigi’s communication abilities due to the trachea apparatus and the need for the swelling of the brain to continue to diminish (please keep praying for this), but all of us including the doctors were amazed at this quick development. One nurse confided to one of our friends that the entire nursing staff in the intensive care unit really didn’t think Luigi had a chance to pull through. God is so GRACIOUS!

Last night Kathy shared during prayer meeting the impact of seeing Luigi conscious for the first time after the accident (remember she has been taking care of the children for three weeks so Felicia can be with Luigi). The amazement of seeing him smile and focus his eyes, etc. was a most meaningful experience and brought to her mind Psalm 126 and how it seemed to the people of Israel returning from captivity to be a dream (v.1). Then their mouth was filled with laughter and singing. The surrounding nations said “The Lord has done great things for them” (v.2) Then the Israelites repeated “The Lord has done great things for us and we are glad! (v.3)
Would you add to your praying time some praising time, too, for the Lord has indeed done great things of for us and we are GLAD! All of you are so special to us. A number of you who are praying don’t even know us personally and yet you have entered into our lives through the love of others. Thank you for caring and continuing to pray with us. One more specific request is for Luigi’s use of the left arm. It is still pretty unresponsive and is of concern. We are so grateful that Luigi is acting more like himself before the fall. What a might God we serve!