July 6, 2010 – Report #7 – We are grateful to have arrived at day fourteen! We find ourselves thinking about Eutychus in Acts 20 who fell out of a third story window and whose life was spared as well as about each one who was comforted by God’s grace in sparing his life!

Early this afternoon, the doctor was more optimistic about Luigi’s condition. He said the brain catheter had been removed this morning. It was a sobering moment to hear him say that Luigi would have some impairment from the damage done to the right side of his brain. He said that Luigi would need another couple days to rid his body from the anesthesia. We thought it would be quite a slow process coming out of the medically–induced coma.

Felicia remained with Luigi the entire time permitted (2-8 pm Italian time). It was during that time that he really started showing signs of comprehension. Felicia read Bible verses to him, sang meaningful songs and started explaining to him everything that had happened from his serious fall up till today. She asked him to squeeze her hand every time he understood what she said. At the beginning, the squeezes were weak but increasingly became stronger. When she told him lots of people were praying and that we were having daily evening prayer meetings for him, tears started coming down from his eyes. Felicia said it was an “awesome afternoon!” We are delighted with these first encouraging signs. He has been able to move his arms and legs a little bit but his left side is slower in response due to the damage done.

Will you still pray with us …

  • that God will continue to heal his brain for His glory and in accordance to His will?
  • for him to have inner peace as he ponders over all that Felicia told him? He cannot speak yet and he is still on the artificial respirator. Soon the doctors will be seeing how he can do breathing on his own.
  • that although his brain condition is stabilized (according to what the specialist said), infections or other complications could still be life-threatening. So please understand that your prayers for Luigi are still very important to us.
  • for the long road still ahead of him that will include back surgery (to stabilize an extremely fragmented vertebrae), then head surgery (to reinstate the skull bone that was removed due to pressure on the brain), time in a cast (?) and then rehab.

We are still very desirous for God to use this experience for His glory in the following ways:

  • God to speak to Luigi’s father’s about his very sinful spiritual condition
  • God to provide for Luigi and Felicia’s financial needs (he was the sole family provider)
  • God to speak to many unsaved friends about their need of salvation
  • God to speak to back-slidden Christians about repenting and returning to back to Him
  • God to speak to mediocre Christians about really being more consecrated to God (long-term and not just during an emotional moment)

Thank you so much for praying for our physical and emotional strength – we are praising God for meeting our needs. God has given us a good group of kids this week for DVBS. Your prayers and emails continue to be a huge blessing and encouragement. How special the Body of Christ is during an experience like this!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! May the

Lord richly bless you!
Frank (and Kathy) King