Received this email over the weekend:

July 2, 2010 – Report #6 – We are grateful to have arrived at day ten. The doctor reminded us yesterday that we are still in phase one of Luigi’s hospitalization – saving his life. This first phase in a medically-induced coma is approximately for 15 days with the priority to keep the pressure of brain swelling under control and reduced. A couple days ago, a tracheotomy was done a couple of days sooner than expected because his condition seemed to be ready. Currently the pressure in his brain has been stable and if it continues that way throughout the weekend, Monday, July 5th, another brain scan will be done. That will be compared to previous ones to verify how his brain is doing in the extensively bruised areas. If the specialists verify that the brain’s condition is ready, the brain catheter will be removed. He will be carefully monitored as sedation is slowly decreased to see how his brain can cope. We were told several days ago that testing for the extent of brain damage can’t be done until he is completely off sedation. If this all goes well next week, then we begin phase two to deal with 3 broken vertebrae (one is in pretty bad shape). So would you please continue to pray that Luigi’s life would be spared, for his healing and for each of the phases mentioned?
Felicia continues to be sustained by God’s incredible grace. She has been a blessing and godly example to so many people. Please continue to remember her in prayer, the witness to their unsaved friends and for the Christians to let the Lord speak to their hearts through these circumstances. Several small groups of unsaved friends have come to join believers at our daily evening prayer times.
Most of us directly involved are quite physically and emotionally tired. Please pray for us to have the strength we need daily to carry on (especially with our Children’s Summer Ministry going on next week).
You have no idea how encouraging your emails have been. The prayers of each person and group mean so much to us. We don’t have adequate time to answer your emails but we have read each one and have been so uplifted by them. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and/or pray. The prayer requests mentioned previously are still valid.
May the Lord bless each of you for your wonderful support during this time of trial!

Then this morning, I saw this on Felicia’s facebook … praise the Lord!!! 🙂

the doctors have decided to suspend the medically induced coma today. he is starting to wake, showing some good signs; but will be looking for further developments in the next couple of days. God is definitely sustaining him and after being with him all afternoon the different reactions he was having gave me the impression that he could hear what I was saying.