Below is most of the update I received last night on Luigi and his family (he is my friend in Italy who fell from a roof last week) from his father-in-law, Frank (I served with them in Venice). Thank you for all the prayers and encouraging words … I’ve been so blessed by everyone’s response during this difficult trial! God is so faithful and good!

Luigi and Felicia

June 28, 2010 – Report #5 – We hesitate to say the following positive things for fear that it will not communicate how Luigi’s life is still hanging in the balance. So please don’t let us down in your prayer support! We are praising the Lord that…

Luigi is still alive after six days although he is yet in VERY CRITICAL CONDITION and still in a medically-induced coma.  Some of you know from experience how in events like these, time seems to go into slow-motion and it is difficult to be patient.

Luigi is stable at the end of 48 hour period after the skull bone removal operation and his temperature was back down to normal this afternoon.

Luigi did well today in another brief surgery to reposition the drainage-monitor tube since it was not where it needed to be to measure internal brain pressure.

Despite doctors having said that all has already been done that is humanly possible to do (according to modern medical practice in dealing with the pressure from brain trauma), all options are still available on the spiritual plane when it comes to intercession!

Felicia is experiencing God’s peace and strength in handling this unexpected tragic experience. It is a top priority for her to be a good mother to Simone (3 years old) and Daniele (18 months old). She sang another beautiful song Sunday morning in our worship service about trusting God.

Felicia has had opportunities to witness to several in the hospital (both a doctor and nurse noticed her stability and asked why she was so different from how most people react to extreme difficulties).

We have received scores of encouraging letters and phone calls. Many are praying and  have involved their churches, prayer chains and/or prayer partners in praying. Thank you so much!

God is helping us to be balanced in wanting to pray with faith for complete healing and yet wanting to submit to His will.