So, once again, I haven’t been too faithful at blogging. So I figured, why not give a totally random post, in which nothing really relates? Here are some things that have been occupying my time as of late …


As a kid … all the way until college … I LoVeD to read. I always took a book (or more) with me … everywhere I went! Then I went to college … all I did was read … and I didn’t always enjoy it … and I didn’t read for pleasure. Since graduating from college, my high and lofty goals of reading have fallen a little flat. But over the past year, I’ve picked up my tradition of getting myself nice and sleepy by reading right before falling asleep. Normally, I make it through a few pages and my eyes start to close. That’s not to say the books I’ve read haven’t been enjoyable! I was on a Jane Austen kick. I read some modern books that look at a couple of the stories from the men’s perspectives – quite interesting! There’s a trilogy on Pride and Prejudice (middle book – really weird. 1st & 3rd – so good.) The one like this on Emma was really good (I hate the actual book, Emma. In fact, I tried to read it again and made it about 30 pages into it before I said, “Oh yeah, I remember why I hate this book!”). Then I read Sense and Sensibility, which was wonderful. I’ve now moved onto a different classic … Jane Eyre, which I absolutely love! Remember what I said about reading a few pages and getting too tired to continue … not the case here! I keep having to make myself stop so I go to bed! *sigh*


So I don’t know that this is the best way to make this announcement but … I’ve “officially” switched churches. After several years at Grace Community Church, which I absolutely love and am so thankful for, I have moved on. I will always be grateful for Grace. The Lord used the teaching of many great men there, especially Rick Holland, to grow me and mature me in so many ways! I’m now at Church of the Canyons, which I’m loving. I was desirous of a small, local church … and that I have. I’ve gotten involved in children’s ministry, which has been so fun! 5 year olds say the funniest things! : ) Next month we have VBS, which I am SoOoOo excited about! I used to love serving in VBS at the church I grew up in, but because of schedules and such, I haven’t helped at VBS in years.


Audio is now available for the Next 2010 Conference, which was held in Baltimore, MD over Memorial Day weekend. Months ago, I wanted to go to this conference, but it wasn’t working out with my schedule or finances. So thankful that I can listen to the sermons from men like CJ Mahaney, Kevin DeYoung, DA Carson and more! I downloaded all 7 messages tonight. You can listen here!


That stands for Children’s Hunger Fund, and it is the minstry at which I get to work! I love my job, which I have been at for 3 months today (just realized that)! This ministry is so amazing … Jesus Christ is central, the Gospel is proclaimed, the local church is equipped, people’s needs are met … what more could you ask for?!


What more could be done than thou has done!

Thy death is my life,

thy resurrection my peace,

thy ascension my hope,

thy prayers my comfort.

– from The Valley of Vision, “Resurrection”