Today is Cinco de Mayo

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, and in honor of my Hispanic roots I wanted to be festive (ok, yeah I don’t really have any Hispanic roots). I decided to bust out this shirt that I believed to be Spanish looking (although some didn’t agree with me). I asked my roommate how my shirt looked – to protect the innocent, let’s call her “Stan” (I know it’s a guy name, but it’s the name I feel like using). I told her I wanted to wear the shirt because it felt Cinco de Mayo-ish to me. Stan said it did have a bit of a Spanish flare to it. I went to my room and closed the door, and then I heard: “Today is Cinco de Mayo.” I replied (while thinking “are you kidding me?!”): “Um … yes it is. That’s why I want to wear the Cinco de Mayo-ish shirt today.” Stan said, “Ok. Well happy Cinco de Mayo.” I think that was the highlight of my Cinco de Mayo. I laughed about that several times throughout my day. I love you, Stan!! 🙂

Cinco de Graciana’s

For a little work celebration, we had Cinco de Graciana’s. Graciana’s is a yummy Mexican restaurant not far from here, and we enjoyed a lovely lunch there. Some people, who shall go unnamed, decided to be quite American – hamburger and fries. The experience was documented, thanks for Fred’s awesome iPhone.

Clown Fish Pose