was an interesting day. I had grand plans … and none of them happened. I think the Lord does that sometimes just to remind us that He’s the one in control. I felt pretty sick and ended up being on the couch for most of the day. In one sense I feel like the day was wasted, but as I thought back over it … it wasn’t. I got to talk with my parents for a long time, which was a wonderful blessing! I read a little and was reminded that God is my Help and my Deliverer. His love is steadfast. He provides “plentiful redemption” (Ps. 130:7). I read an amazing prayer out of The Valley of Vision about the Holy Spirit. I’ll seriously have to post that and some others. I enjoyed the kindness of a friend bringing me Gingerale and Saltines (the best Saltines ever – don’t know why they tasted so good to me, but they were amazing!) … once again, thanks!  Then, despite the great movie collection I’d brought up to the loft with me … I ended up getting caught up on the last few weeks of Lost. I know of some who’ve not been real impressed with this season thus far, and I admit, I’ve been enjoying it but not absolutely loving it! Well the three episodes I watched today … made me once again LoVe Lost! In the entire series, I think I’ve only teared up once (the very end of the season 5 finale – who didn’t tear up Juliet said “I love you” to Sawyer?!?). But today … I was on the verge of tears several times (I just love Desmond and Penny!). And I just can’t wait to see what happens! This evening I started to perk up a little so I decided to take the plunge and get my taxes out of the way (not like I had much of a choice to procrastinate any longer). I am happy to report that I’m getting money back from the government … yay! 🙂 I wrote a post that I’ll be putting up later this week … and now I’m gonna check my email and go to bed! All in all, I’d say a pretty decent day.