“The time that you spent is spent … never to be recovered again.” – Rick Holland

Regardless of your opinion on rap and Christian rap, this song is amazing! It’s like listening to a 2 hour sermon on basic theology in 4 minutes.

I’m so excited, because on Thursday, I’m driving to Sacramento with Jenn! We’re going to a wedding in Modesto on Saturday, so we’re making a whole weekend out of it and going to my house. This is my last big “hurrah!” with her before she gets married and leaves me forever (and no, I’m not joking because eventually she’s moving to Spain. boo). And … I get to see my parents and, Lord willing, some family and friends!! Yay! I’m hoping to spend at least an hour or two with the whole fam on Sunday after church, in which case I would get to see these peeps … and these ones … and these ones!! 🙂 Can you tell I love my cousins?