Saturday night, around 9:30 pm, I went to my bedroom. I hit the light switch … the light flickered once … then there was darkness. I was not too thrilled, seeing as how I really didn’t have a way to fix my light at the moment, since it was totally dark! So Polly offered me her flashlight, which greatly helped me find my way the rest of the night and in the morning. On Sunday afternoon, I tackled the task that I’d been dreading. “Dreading? Really? Isn’t that a bit strong?” you might be asking yourself. Well … perhaps it’s a tad strong, but not much. I knew that changing my light bulb would require some work … like getting the ladder … which involves the garage … which involves the possibility of spiders (no thanks!). I overcame my fear, took the ladder and toolbox to my room, and removed the light fixture.

Unfortunately, we did not have any extra light bulbs of the specific kind needed for the task. So … off to WalMart I went, dead light bulb in hand. I easily found the right one and returned home to my project. And I am happy to report that this was the outcome:

Yes, I was quite proud of myself! It may not seem like a big deal to some … but to one who hates doing such things, it was a very big deal. 🙂