On March 15th, I start a new job at Children’s Hunger Fund. I am really excited about this opportunity that the Lord has provided for me! As I finish out my time here at Grace to You, I’ve realized there are a few things I’ll miss … and a few things I won’t.

I will miss listening to sermons on my iPod while I open the mail. Yesterday, I listened to the Resolved 2007 Panel Discussion which included John MacArthur, CJ Mahaney, and Steve Lawson, with Rick Holland asking these great men questions. It was fabulous and I highly recommend it (even if you just listen to the first few minutes to hear CJ and Dr. Lawson laughing, haha). But what I can’t highly recommend enough is this sermon: “A Passion for God’s Supremacy and Compassion for Man’s Soul” by John Piper (it’s the last one on the R:2007 page). One of the best sermons on missions, God’s glory, evangelism, worship … basically everything, haha. Go listen to it … now.

What I won’t miss … answering 140 phones calls in one day (that was Wednesday). Today, I answered over 85 calls just in the morning. Oh boy am I tired! (That’s a lot!)

There are lots of other things I will miss and not miss … But I’ll just share those 2 for now.