March 2010

“The time that you spent is spent … never to be recovered again.” – Rick Holland

Regardless of your opinion on rap and Christian rap, this song is amazing! It’s like listening to a 2 hour sermon on basic theology in 4 minutes.

I’m so excited, because on Thursday, I’m driving to Sacramento with Jenn! We’re going to a wedding in Modesto on Saturday, so we’re making a whole weekend out of it and going to my house. This is my last big “hurrah!” with her before she gets married and leaves me forever (and no, I’m not joking because eventually she’s moving to Spain. boo). And … I get to see my parents and, Lord willing, some family and friends!! Yay! I’m hoping to spend at least an hour or two with the whole fam on Sunday after church, in which case I would get to see these peeps … and these ones … and these ones!! 🙂 Can you tell I love my cousins?


Saturday night, around 9:30 pm, I went to my bedroom. I hit the light switch … the light flickered once … then there was darkness. I was not too thrilled, seeing as how I really didn’t have a way to fix my light at the moment, since it was totally dark! So Polly offered me her flashlight, which greatly helped me find my way the rest of the night and in the morning. On Sunday afternoon, I tackled the task that I’d been dreading. “Dreading? Really? Isn’t that a bit strong?” you might be asking yourself. Well … perhaps it’s a tad strong, but not much. I knew that changing my light bulb would require some work … like getting the ladder … which involves the garage … which involves the possibility of spiders (no thanks!). I overcame my fear, took the ladder and toolbox to my room, and removed the light fixture.

Unfortunately, we did not have any extra light bulbs of the specific kind needed for the task. So … off to WalMart I went, dead light bulb in hand. I easily found the right one and returned home to my project. And I am happy to report that this was the outcome:

Yes, I was quite proud of myself! It may not seem like a big deal to some … but to one who hates doing such things, it was a very big deal. 🙂

A few weeks ago, I started reading through The Valley of Vision again. If you are not familiar with this book, you need to! It’s a collection of Puritan prayers, which are encouraging, refreshing, convicting, and just plain great! I think this is my favorite one I’ve read so far … but it’s hard to pick a favorite!

“God the All” 

O God whose will conquers all,

There is no comfort in anything apart from enjoying thee

and being engaged in thy service;

Thou art All in all, and all enjoyments are what

to me thou makest them, and no more.

I am well pleased with thy will, whatever it is,

or should be in all respects,

And if thou bidst me decide for myself in any affair,

I would choose to refer all to thee,

For thou art infinitely wise and cannot do amiss,

As I am in danger of doing.

I rejoice to think that all things are at they disposal,

And it delights me to leave them there.

Then prayer turns wholly into praise,

And all I can do is to adore and bless thee.

What shall I give thee for all thy benefits?

I am in a strait betwixt two, knowing not what to do;

I long to make some return, but have nothing to offer,

And can only rejoice that thou doest all,

That none in heaven or on earth shares thy honour;

I can of myself do nothing to glorify thy blessed name,

But I can through grace cheerfully surrender soul and body to thee,

I know that thou art the author and finisher of faith,

That the whole work of redemption is thine alone,

That every good work or thought found in me

Is the effect of they power and grace,

That thy sole motive in working in me to will

And to do is for thy good pleasure.

O God, it is amazing that men can talk so much

About man’s creaturely power and goodness,

When, if thou didst not hold us back every

Moment, we should be devils incarnate.

This, by bitter experience, thou hast taught me concerning myself.

On March 15th, I start a new job at Children’s Hunger Fund. I am really excited about this opportunity that the Lord has provided for me! As I finish out my time here at Grace to You, I’ve realized there are a few things I’ll miss … and a few things I won’t.

I will miss listening to sermons on my iPod while I open the mail. Yesterday, I listened to the Resolved 2007 Panel Discussion which included John MacArthur, CJ Mahaney, and Steve Lawson, with Rick Holland asking these great men questions. It was fabulous and I highly recommend it (even if you just listen to the first few minutes to hear CJ and Dr. Lawson laughing, haha). But what I can’t highly recommend enough is this sermon: “A Passion for God’s Supremacy and Compassion for Man’s Soul” by John Piper (it’s the last one on the R:2007 page). One of the best sermons on missions, God’s glory, evangelism, worship … basically everything, haha. Go listen to it … now.

What I won’t miss … answering 140 phones calls in one day (that was Wednesday). Today, I answered over 85 calls just in the morning. Oh boy am I tired! (That’s a lot!)

There are lots of other things I will miss and not miss … But I’ll just share those 2 for now.