So the last few weeks have been pretty busy for me. A couple weeks ago I was in charge of planning food for about 60 people for our Bible Study retreat. Yeah, that was a whole lot more work than I realized … but it was great! 🙂 Then a couple days after retreat, I flew to the East Coast, where I met up with my grandparents and two cousins. We traveled through 5 states in 7 days. Needless to say … it was not exactly a restful vacation. 🙂 This week the exhaustion of the past few weeks finally caught up with me … especially Friday afternoon. Allow me to explain what happened …

On my afternoon break I decided to lay down for a few minutes, because I was so stinkin’ tired! I went down to the comfortable couch in the lounge, set my alarm for 10 minutes, and enjoyed a nice rest. When my alarm went off, I was very sad because I had not fallen asleep (which was not a surprise … I’m not one of those people to lay down and immediately fall asleep). I thought to myself … “Self, you have a couple minutes of break left, just lay here a minute more … it’s not like you will fall asleep or anything.” Next thing I remember: waking up (a little confused by my surroundings), seeing the lounge door open and someone walk in, and hearing the words: “Rita (my boss) just wanted me to check to see if you were in here.” I quickly realized what had happened, looked at the clock, and was alarmed to find out my alarm had gone off 45 minutes earlier!! I ran upstairs to customer service and apologized to my boss and sat down and tried to work. Problem was, I was dizzy and so disoriented from my long, deep sleep that I could barely function! And the day was almost over anyways, haha.

Moral of the story … always get up to your alarm at work 🙂