I just looked at my roommate’s blog, and she has pictures of our new and beautiful place.

If you’d like to learn about our lovely statue, check this out. And yes, I said “lovely,” Steve, not creepy!

We are all unpacked and pretty much settled. One of my Roman Holiday posters goes perfectly in our yellow bathroom downstairs, so Polly and I hung our first picture on the wall last night (with much laughter and perfect centeredness). I still have to get things hung on the walls in my room … but I’m kind of hoping that if I wait long enough they’ll just hang themselves. But I don’t think that will happen. We are enjoying our house so much! Last night we had a little roommate dinner (risotto with sausage, zucchini frittata, and really good wheat French bread). Yum-o!

NOTE: Polly’s website is the same as mine, but with two different names … that’s just for you Polly! 😉