I know I have not been faithful at blogging lately. I would like to say it’s because my laptop needed some fixing and was down and out for about 2 weeks … but I’m not really sure that’s the real reason, haha. So I figured I would just go on a blogging spree today and post all kinds of things. 🙂 I realized I did not put up one of my favorite pictures, so I wanted to share it with you all.

Lucio graduated from The Master’s Seminary in May, and I was helping with the party afterward. Cristina put me in charge of the chocolate fountain. Bad idea. I melted the chocolate, as she told me, and at the beginning of the party, we put chocolate in the chocolate fountain. Davide was having too much fun dipping strawberries in the chocolate, and I went around to the front of the table to help him. All of a sudden, the chocolate fountain makes a weird noise and kinda wobbles. I think to myself, “Self, that seems weird … I don’t think that’s supposed to happen.” Next thing I know, the chocolate fountain goes out of control and there it chocolate flying everywhere (it seemed like a scene from a movie!). Well, maybe not everywhere … just all around the table and all over me and Davide! Thankfully our photographer, Deborah, was able to shoot a quick photo of the aftermath. How chocolate got everywhere except my white shirt … I don’t know. I just know it was an act of God’s grace! After three washes, and thinking I got all the chocolate out … my mom finally got it out for me when I went home for Memorial Day. What a fun memory to end on. Let’s just say though that I plan to never operate a chocolate fountain again! 🙂

Hannah and Davide