I just realized I have not posted anything in regards to what I have decided to do for now! Sorry to keep you in the dark. Since I lost my job, I have been praying about what I should do … and honestly, I don’t really have any answers yet. But since I can no longer afford to pay rent on an apartment when I have no income, I knew something was going to need to change soon. The Lord has graciously provided a place for me to live in Southern CA. I am living with a family, who is being very kind and generous to me. I am so thankful for the Lord’s abundant provision. This gives me a place to live while continuing to pray, consider options, and wait for the Lord’s direction. “What options am I considering?”  you might ask. I’m so glad you asked….

The main option I’m considering at this point is returning to Italy. In November, I found out that two families from Grace Church are going to Rome to plant a church. One of the families (The Stanisci Family) is from Rome, and I knew they would be heading back to Italy this summer. But the idea of starting a church is new … and very exciting! The other family will join them in the Fall, Lord willing. When they announced this plan, the Staniscis told me they would love to have me come join the team. But after that, I got the job at Grace to You, and it seemed like the Lord wanted me here for awhile longer. But now with circumstances as they are … I’m reconsidering that. I have talked with the Staniscis about the possibility of my coming to Italy, and they are thrilled (and if their will is any indication of the Lord’s will … I am going to Italy). The first thing I would do is language school. They have recommended an excellent school in Perugia, where there is also a very solid church and well established ministry. The idea is that I would go to Perugia for language school and be involved in the church there, then go to Rome and help with the ministry there.

So … much to think through and pray about … I would sure appreciate your prayers. I want to go to Italy if I can glorify the Lord the most by serving Him there. Right now, I want to be faithful where I am, while waiting on Him for direction. In my last post, I shared how I just saw the movie Fireproof. One of the songs in that movie struck me as I heard it briefly, so I looked it up today. I think it’s a great song that describes how we should respond in the wait. It’s called “While I’m Waiting” by John Waller and you can read the lyrics here (scroll down to song #8). One thing that God has taught me over the last year and a half is that He is a God of the wait … just consider Abraham, Moses, Noah, Joseph, many of the apostles spending time in prison … God uses the wait.