Today was my last day of work at Starbucks; it is a bittersweet thing. In so many ways, I’m very ready to move on and leave the company (no more crazy hours and ever changing schedules, no more working on Saturdays, no more people going crazy over a coffee order – you wouldn’t believe what people get upset over!). But … I will miss people I worked with as well as many of the regular customers I served. I definitely enjoyed developing relationships with people during my time at Starbucks. I’m thankful for the job the Lord provided me with this year; it was such a tremendous blessing. Now do you want to know what really makes me sad in leaving … no more free drinks on my shifts, no more 30% discount, and no more pound of coffee/week. But on the plus side … maybe people will start giving me Starbucks giftcards again? 🙂