Tonight was quite an enjoyable evening. I got home from work and had dinner, and then my roommate got home from work and had dinner. We were sitting at the table talking about life and some things going on right now … and then we decided to rent a movie.Since I needed to do laundry tonight, I gathered my laundry so that it could start while we were at Blockbuster.

I started to take my laundry down to the laundry room, but when I opened the front door, I noticed our unwanted visitor: a spider across the ceiling right above the door of the vacant apartment across from us. Now, this spider was on the large side … but that’s not what bothered me. What bothered me was that it was black … and I knew it wasn’t just any black spider. Having had a previous close encounter with a black widow, I had a pretty good hunch that’s what I was looking at in front of our door. I quickly put my laundry basket down and called for Karrie. The following events were quite dramatic, long, and funny.

When I called for Karrie to come to the door, I asked her if she likes to kill spiders. Unfortunately her reply was “no.” So here we are – two girls afraid of spiders, uncertain what move to make next. Fortunately, Karrie has a bottle of insect spray. (I love that stuff, because it means you can kill a spider from a distance. Only down side – the smell!) So she sprayed that thing (several times … and then several more times). It finally stopped moving … and then started to fall some, hanging by it’s web. It stopped falling around eye level. It was spinning, and I noticed a flash of color on its underside. I was like, Karrie, that is definitely a black widow (I had told her that a few minutes before, but she didn’t believe me). Well, she still didn’t believe me, because she couldn’t see the color for herself. After several minutes of trying to convince her it was a black widow … the spider fell to the floor.


She finally decided to believe me 🙂

So then, of course, we’re both totally freaked out, as you can see …

Our faces of terror

Our faces of terror

And of course … the spider is still on the floor outside our door. I’m not picking it up!