My mom often sends me quotes from books she’s reading. This one is taken from Stephen Charnock’s The Existence and Attributes of God. I believe Rick Holland is who I heard recommend this book, and I told my mom about it. It’s a quote from Charnock’s section on God’s wisdom, and I hope it encourages your soul.

“God in regard of His infinite wisdom, is fitter to carve out a condition than we ourselves; our shallow reason and self-love, would wish for those things that are injurious to God, to ourselves, to the world; but God always chooses what is best for His glory and what is best for His creatures, we are in danger from our self-love, in no danger in complying with God’s wisdom. So He appears as our wise director, and by this He extracts good out of evil, makes the affliction which destroys outward comforts consume our inward defilements; and the waves that threaten to swallow up the vessel, to cast it upon the shore.”