I am back in Santa Clarita … which feels very different than it did when I was in college, that’s for sure. I am all moved into my apartment and unpacked (thanks to Michelle!). The last few days have been spent organizing things in the apartment, running errands, and starting at a new Starbucks. I can definitely say I am tired of spending money! You forget about all the little things you need or are used to until all of a sudden you don’t have them anymore … like a laundry basket, salt and pepper, a desk with many drawers, a dresser. So I have been shopping and discerning what things are necessities and what things are just nice to have. I have concluded that at least one Cutco knife is a necessity. I learned that in Italy too … and now it’s just being reaffirmed. But anyways … the Lord has provided (well, not a Cutco knife, but other things). Quick story of a cool provision … a dresser, exactly like I pictured, for the price I wanted. I am now a believer in Craig’s List. 🙂

Today the Lord provided some free gas. I went to my normal ghetto gas station, which honestly I hate. I go there because it’s the cheapest gas around, but I think I’m willing to pay $1 more to go to another gas station. There are just some creepy and sketchy people who hang out at this one … but nevertheless, it’s where I go because it’s cheaper (it was $3.39 today)! So first off, I select the wrong kind of gas – super instead of regular. So I hit the cancel button, but then went inside to make sure it was cancelled and I could start again. So I go back out and start to put my ATM card in again, but it’s telling me to select a gas type and pump the gas. I’m like, well I guess the cashier hit something so that it would be ready for me to go again. So I’m pumping my regular gas and all of a sudden it stops at $3. I’m like, what’s going on … this is not my day. Then I see the cashier come outside and talk to a guy on the pump across from me. Turns out, the other customer told the cashier the wrong pump number and I was pumping my gas on that guy’s money. The cashier said I could pay the guy or not, but he knew it was his mistake. So I tried to pay the guy his $3, but he wouldn’t let me. So … I got 39 cents short of a gallon of gas today for free! 🙂