Another quote from A Fight to the Death by Wayne and Joshua Mack:

“Sin is more than doing what we want. It is doing the exact opposite of what God wants. It is doing that which God hates. That is why it is so often called an abomination to God. Sin is disgusting to God.

To take is a step further, when we sin we are doing what the devil desires. God hates sin; Satan loves it. So by sinning, we are doing what God hates and what Satan loves. Thomas Watson explained, ‘Sin gratifies Satan. When lust or anger burn in the soul, Satan warms himself at the fire. Men’s sins feast the devil. . . . How he laughs to see people giving up their souls for the world, as if one should trade diamonds for straws. . . .’ ” (p. 30)


That quote from Thomas Watson is just amazing! There is so much that could be said about it. The last line reminds me of what C.S. Lewis said in his illustration of the child content to make mud pies when he was offered a holiday by the sea. Just like the child, we content ourselves with things that ultimately bring no satisfaction and are just plain stupid in comparison to what we are offered from the Lord.


These two paragraphs I quoted from the book really just take my breath away when I read them. Sin is not just doing what we want instead of what God wants us to do … it’s doing what He hates and what the Devil loves. How often do we think of sin in that way? How often do I think – “I am about to gratify Satan by doing ___________?”


Will you chose straw and mud pies or diamonds and a holiday by the sea today?