Last week I spent 5 days in Southern CA for my cousin’s graduation from the nursing program at Biola University. All of my dad’s family (except my parents) were able to go down, and we had a blast. My cousin, Heidi, and I got to “surf” (we didn’t actually get up. I almost got up the last time I went) at Hunnington Beach. This was so fun for me, because ever since I took a surfing lesson in Hawaii I have wanted to surf with my uncle at Hunnington Beach. He used to live down there and surf all the time … so this was really fun! And cold and salty and hard. 🙂 We spent a day at Disneyland, which was just wonderful! I love that place. Here’s a couple pictures of me and my cousins. A picture is worth a thousand words, so they should give an adequate idea of our time together. 🙂 And of course we attended Heidi’s nursing ceremony and graduation, which was quite exciting! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness to her! And we were so thankful for the Lord’s grace and strength for my aunt to make it down for this exciting weekend. Right before Easter she was diagnosed with cancer. We have all been praying and praying for her health and strength to make it through this week, and praise the Lord she did!

Here’s me and my darling cousin Andrew! Me, Andrew, and our Uncle Steve got to Disneyland before it opened – we basically had the park to ourselves for about an hour and a half. So great!

 Me and the cousins – our look of terror as we were facing possible death on Indiana Jones

Britt, Heid, and me before falling to our death on Tower of Terror

David, Heidi and me at her Pinning Ceremony – doesn’t she look so cute in her little nursing outfit.