At the end of last year, Steven Curtis Chapman put out a new CD entitled “This Moment.” It has one of the greatest mission songs I’ve ever heard, and I absolutely love it! The song deals with something that I’ve had to deal with in my own heart since coming back from Italy – trusting God to work in the hearts and the lives of the people I left behind. I was building relationships with people and ministering to them, and now I can’t do that anymore. But the fact is I’m not the one who changes people or saves them. That is God’s work alone, and frankly, He doesn’t even need me to accomplish it. This song is a reminder of that – God is in control and He will accomplish His work for His glory.


1 Chronicles 29:11, Psalm 24:1, Psalm 89:11,

 Acts 17:24-26

I walk the streets of London

And notice in the faces passing by

Something that makes me stop and listen

My heart grows heavy with the cry

Where is the hope for London?

You whisper and my heart begins to soar

As I’m reminded every street in London is Yours

I walk the dirt roads of Uganda

I see the scars that war has left behind

Hope like the sun is fading

And they’re waiting for a cure no one can find

And I hear children’s voices singing

Of a God who heals and rescues and restores

And I’m reminded that every child in Africa

Is Yours

And it’s all Yours God, Yours God,

Everything is Yours

From the stars in the sky to the depths of the

Ocean floor

And it’s all Yours God, Yours God,

Everything is Yours

You’re the maker and keeper

Father and ruler of everything

It’s all Yours

And I walk the sidewalks of Nashville

Like Singapore, Manila, and Shanghai

I’m brushed by the beggar’s hand and the

Wealthy man

And everywhere I look I realize

That just like the streets of London

For every man and woman, boy and girl

All of creation, this is our Father’s world

It’s all Yours, God

The glory is Yours, God

 All the honor is Yours, God

The power is Yours, God

The glory is Yours, God

You’re the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords

And it’s all Yours God, Yours God,

Everything is Yours

All the greatness and power, and glory, and

Splendor, and majesty

Everything is Yours

It’s all Yours

We are Yours

The glory and honor is Yours,

Everything is Yours

It’s all Yours God

My life is Yours, my heart is yours

My hands and my feet are Yours

Every song that I sing

It’s all Yours, all is Yours

All belongs to You

Our gifts are Yours, God

All our dreams are Yours, God

All our plans are Yours, God

This whole earth is Yours, God

Everything is Yours

Written by Steven Curtis Chapman and Jonas Myrin © 2007