For a few days at the end of November/beginning of December, my friend Robby came to visit me in Venice. He was working for Delta Airlines at the time, and he was able to fly there for really cheap. He’s a friend from college and we went to Israel the same semester. He wants to be a missionary in India, so it was really fun to have him there and talk about missions. He was a great source of spiritual encouragement to me. Also, I got to do some sightseeing! J We basically hung out in Venice for 2 days taking in the sights and discussing theology. J It was great! He came to the Filipino and Italian youth groups. At the Italian Youth Meeting, I told Luigi (the elder who oversees the youth) that Robby plays the guitar. So Robby played for us that night. Although, it was quite difficult. Did you know that chords are different in Italy? In the US, chords are written “A,B,C, etc.” Well not in Italy! They write the chords using the good old method used in “The Sound of Music”! That’s right – “Do, Re, Mi, etc.” You learn something new everyday! Enjoy some pictures from Venice (note: captions are above the pic they go with)!

Here’s Robby and me at the top of the bell tower in Piazza San Marco (aka St. Mark’s Square)


This is the view of Venice from the Bell Tower. It’s so beautiful … I highly recommend paying however many euros it is (if it’s a clear day), because it is so worth it!




Do you remember seeing this window in an earlier post? We’re back to the horse meat shop. When I told Robby that I had eaten horse, he basically wouldn’t leave Venice without trying it for himself. So he bought a small stick of horse salami … and save for the very tiny bite I took, he ate the whole thing (not all at once)! Apparently he loves horse.


This was a really cool Christmas tree in Piazza San Marco – I assume it was made out of Murano Glass. It was beautiful – the sunlight reflected the colors of the glass. They had big spotlights around it, so I think at night it was all lit up and I’m sure it was incredible.


Giovanni and Robby playing for the Italian Youth Meeting


This was a sign at Piazza San Marco – and it made me laugh. 🙂


Robby and me on the Rialto Bridge overlooking the Grand Canal.