February 2008

I was recently corrected (by a Swiss friend) on a statement I made in a previous post about my trip to France and Switzerland. I stated that Switzerland is a Protestant country, but apparently that is incorrect. Parts of Switzerland are Protestant and parts are Catholic. Is that right Cristina?


It has been so long since I’ve written anything I do not even know where to begin … maybe with an apology for not writing in so long? 🙂

My Trip Home

My trip home from Italy is quite humorous (well, now it is), so I must share it with you. I was scheduled to depart from Venice on Friday, December 14th around 2:30PM. My flight was to Frankfurt, Germany and then to San Francisco. I was to arrive in CA around 8PM Friday night. Well, when Frank took me to the airport around noon, we discovered that my flight was cancelled. Ok, great. Well, then we found out the reason why … there was a strike at the Venice airport. Ok, there is something about Italians and strikes … cuz I have been affected by them several times (let’s just say bus strikes really prohibit you when you have no car!). Frank found out there was like a pause in the strike between 6PM-9PM, so they re-scheduled my flight for 6 something. Frank left and I started my 6 hour hang out time in the airport. Well, then this lady sits down next to me and asks if I’m taking the bus to Verona (a city in Italy about 1½ hours west of Venice). I told her I was taking a flight to Frankfurt, and she said no we have to take a bus to Verona first and fly out from there. Well, this was news to me. I talked to the woman at the airlines counter, and she told me I was in the group flying out from Venice. Well, awhile later when the bus is going to Verona, a couple men at the airline counter tell me I need to go to Verona, because they do not know for sure when my flight will leave from Venice. If I go to Verona, I will for sure get to Frankfurt Friday night and leave for CA Saturday morning. They said they would put me up in a hotel. So the lady who first told me about the bus to Verona helped me get to the bus and get my luggage on. She used to be a flight attendant for the airline we were flying on, and she told me she’d help me. She was seriously the greatest blessing from the Lord! She helped me get checked in when we got to Verona, and we ended up sitting next to each other on the plane. Then when we got to Frankfurt, she helped me find the airline counter so I could get my hotel situation taken care of. Praise God for this woman, because I would have been so lost without her! So, I spent the night in Germany, and I can testify that Italy for sure has better food than Germany. 🙂 Saturday morning I headed out to CA and arrived around noon. So, that’s my story … it was another adventure for sure. 🙂

Venice, Italy

I am not returning to Italy, as planned. I sent out my newsletter about that a couple weeks ago. If you did not read that, I’m attempting to include a link to download the pdf … ok, attempt failed. So let me know if you’d like me to email it to you. I don’t believe the Lord wants me in Italy at this time, so I am back home in Sacramento (which for any Italians reading this it is a city, not a sacrament 🙂 ). I love Italy and still desire to be involved in ministry there at some point. I am praying for the Lord’s direction.


Since I am home for awhile, I need a job. I was recently hired at Starbucks, and I begin training Tuesday. I’m excited, because I’ve seriously always wanted to work at Starbucks. 🙂 I’m also looking for something else, because I’m not going to get enough hours at Starbucks. I’m hoping for some babysitting/nanny jobs … but so far, there’s nothing in that department.


I am back on the Youth Staff at church. Last weekend we went on Winter Retreat, and that deserves it’s own post and pictures. 🙂 I am starting to disciple one of the high school girls, and I’m really excited about that. I’m praying about other opportunities to serve and get involved at church.

Keep Blogging?

Well … I think that just about summarizes things … except one … my blog. I am planning to keep my blog. I am going to post some more on Italy, since I did not post any pictures or anything from my last couple weeks there, and I would like to do that. I will post about random things I’m doing, Youth Group and church ministry, what the Lord is teaching me, and anything that comes up in regards to Italy. I appreciate all of you who came along on the ride with me to Venice, and I will keep you posted!