I actually don’t have a lot more to share about Thanksgiving, but I do have quite a few pics. The Saturday following Thanksgiving, we had a Thanksgiving dinner for the youth. This was a blast! We played some games, ate food, shared what we are thankful for, and hung out and talked. I took lots of pictures this night, and the teens actually got into taking pictures, which was really funny.

Here we have Alex enjoying nice big slices of pumpkin pie and apple pie.


This is Alex and me.


This is Elena, me, and Anna (just a side note … we make up the girls who regularly attend the Italian youth group. Usually the girls out number the boys, but not here).


This is Thomas, Giovanni, Christian, Alex, me and the very top of Anna’s head.


Then on Sunday night we had Thanksgiving at the Filipino Church … same thing there … give thanks and eat. 🙂 Here are some pictures from that night.

This is a family singing a song – it was so cute with their kids!


Here we have Hector and Frank.


The little boy in this pic is one of the quietest and most well-behaved kids I’ve ever seen. He usually just sits so quietly during the church service – I’m always amazed!


This is Sally and me.


And finally, my favorite picture of the weekend – me and several Filipino kids. J