Tonight, I attended my 3rd Thanksgiving dinner in the last 4 days. Let’s just say I’m ready for this wonderful holiday to end. 🙂 I will post and show you all pictures in the next few days, as I am headed to bed now. But I just took a look at my last few posts and noticed the shocking lack of pictures, so I wanted to at least put one up.

Thursday I got to talk to my family, who was all together at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. There’s a program called Skype, which allows you to talk from computer to computer via the internet, with video! This was awesome, because it was like I was there with them for Thanksgiving! My cousin walked “me” (a.k.a. her laptop) around and I got to talk to everyone. I even got to go outside and watch the boys play. Way too fun. I got to talk to my cousin’s little boy, who is talking way more now than when I left (he’s two, I believe) in September. I took a picture of the screen when I was talking to him. He is trying to hand me a candy corn – which is one of my favorite candies, and my family so rudely at them in front of me the whole time we talked!!   


If that’s not adorable, I don’t know what is! 🙂