On Sunday I got to go out to eat two times, which was a lot of fun. For lunch after church, I went to a restaurant in a location where supposedly Napoleon came through (no idea if that is fact or rumor). It was a nice restaurant and the food was so good! We had a couple antipasti (appetizers), one of which was a meat slices with mozzarella cheese. I asked what the meats were, because there were quite a few and they did not look like the ones I’m used to. I was told there was prosciutto (ham), pork, and turkey. Well, he did not tell me what all of the meats were, and I just assumed that it was different kinds of ham, pork, etc. Prosciutto is very common here, and you can have prosciutto crudo, which is cured ham, or prosciutto cotto, which is cooked ham. Both are very good (esp. the cured). I took several pieces of the prosciutto crudo, and I was really enjoying it. After we were done, we were talking about the kinds of meat and I asked what the one was that I liked. He said it was beef. And then there was a disagreement at the table that it was not beef. Then, I was told that usually that meat is horse. I think I might have had a look of surprise on my face, and I asked him if he was serious … and he was. So, even after saying I wouldn’t eat horse in an earlier post, I did. And the funny thing is, I really liked it! J

That night, I went out to eat with a group of Italians (plus one Filipino) at a Chinese restaurant. It just made me laugh that I was going out for Chinese, and honestly I was a little scared. It was really good though, and I enjoyed it.

An interesting fact … going out to eat at a restaurant is a very long process. I believe we spent over 2 and ½ hours at lunch. And I think we spent that long at dinner too! I’m used to spending maybe an hour at a restaurant I the states, 1 and ½ hours max though. And usually in the states, if you spend 2 hours in a restaurant it’s because it’s really busy or there’s bad service, but that is not the case here. The Italians eat in courses, so it just takes a long time. In America our food all comes on one plate, except maybe the salad and dessert.