It dawned on me that I have now been in my apartment for a month, and I still haven’t shown you pictures of it! I will take you on a tour of my beautiful apartment! J

First, we have the living room/kitchen/dining room. I want to show you something unique about kitchens here in Italy. Instead of leaving dishes to dry on the counter, they have a cabinet for drying dishes. It goes above the sink, and the water drips down into the sink. I think it’s a pretty great idea myself. I just wish the dishes would somehow find there way back to the cabinets on their own. By the way, I do have a dishwasher … my very own two hands! J I’m not gonna lie, that is an adjustment that I’m still getting used to.



And if you follow me into the guest bedroom, you’ll see where you can picture me writing blog posts, emailing, talking on Skype (praise the Lord for Skype – blessings on whoever invented that program!).


And then there’s my bathroom … which is nice and big (the whole apartment is nice and big). And of course, another unique thing of Italy is the bidè, which is actually used for more than what first comes to mind (if you don’t know what a bidè is, it’s the toilet looking thing next to the toilet). J It’s great for washing your feet, little kids who get dirty in the mud … or a shoe that stepped in dog poop (very useful!).


Finally, we come to my room. I think this room has some of the most beautiful furniture – I love it! The apartment was already furnished.



As you can see, the Lord provided a really nice place for me to live, and I am very thankful for it! It’s a really cool story about how the Lord provided it, but I think it would be rather long and complicated to try to explain … so just know that God is good and He provides! J Thanks for visiting my apartment. You’re welcome anytime! J